What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a business arrangement whereby a business pays independent marketers, known as affiliates, for qualifying sales that result from affiliates’ promotional methods. Such promotional methods encompass website content, display advertising, search engine marketing and e-mail marketing.

Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate of UK2 Group?

No, becoming an affiliate of UK2 Group is completely free.

How do I sign up to become an affiliate of UK2 Group?

Simply fill out an application by clicking here.

Do I need an active website to become an affiliate of UK2 Group?

Yes, UK2 Group requires all of its affiliates to have an active website.

Does every affiliate application get approved?

No, UK2 Group’s Affiliate Program Manager manually reviews each affiliate application to ensure that each potential affiliate has an aesthetically appealing website that features high-quality content.


How will my commissions be paid?

Your commissions can be paid through check or PayPal.

What currencies are affiliates paid in?

UK2 Group compensates its affiliates in US dollars for each of its brands with the exception of UK2.NET. Affiliates who produce UK2.NET affiliate-referred sales are compensated in pounds sterling.

What is the delay between my sales and receiving my commissions?

All affiliate-referred sales must remain valid for 60 days in order to become classified as “commissionable.” However, this does not mean that UK2 Group’s affiliates are compensated 60 days from the date of when their affiliate-referred sales occurred. The reason for this is that UK2 Group’s billing team executes commission payout processes on the 10th of each month. For example, if an affiliate-referred sale occurred in July, the affiliate responsible for the sale would be compensated on October 10th.

Are affiliates required to record commission payouts with the IRS?

All commission payouts will need to be recorded with the IRS according to your federal and state laws.


Can affiliates promote UK2 Group’s web hosting brands through search engine marketing?

UK2 Group does allow its affiliates to promote its web hosting brands through search engine marketing, but trademark bidding is strictly unauthorized for each of our brands, which encompasses WestHost, Midphase, AN Hosting, 100TB, VPS.net and UK2.NET.

Can affiliates promote any of UK2 Group’s brands?

Yes, our affiliates are free to promote any of UK2 Group’s web hosting brands.