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Hosting Affiliate Benefits

Unlimited Earnings

Earn up to $100 per sale on most of our brands. There is no minimum payout threshold and we'll let you choose how you get paid, by check, paypal or wire transfer so you can watch the money roll!

Hybrid Tracking

Our tracking combines standard cookie/pixel-based tracking and multi-session cookie-less tracking, increasing recorded sales and ensuring you'll always get the full credit your deserve.

ADPool™ - Dynamic Ad Serving

Maximise your returns with our revolutionary ADPool™ optimization technology. You choose the ad size, and we'll automatically display the banners that convert best on your site.

Multiple Brands, One Check

With exclusive access to the UK2 Group brands you can be sure we'll have the right hosting product for your visitors. Manage all referrals through a single interface, and receieve all commission in one convenient payment.

Compelling Creatives

Our dedicated in-house design team are always creating fresh and enticing creatives to maximise your conversions, and we'll keep you informed of any updated in our newsletter.

Promotions and Offers

We're always thinking up sales promotions to stay ahead of the competition and keep up your momentum.

Coupon Codes

Create customized coupon codes and give your visitors a distinctive discount and increase conversion!

Lighting-Fast Creatives

By partnering with, we've invested in the world's top Content Delivery Network. So our creatives will always be delivered at blazing speed for maximum impact.

Tailored Ads

We work as a team - so if you need a bigger banner ad for your homepage or have a campaign idea, let us know what works best for you and we'll deliver.


DirectLink gets your site visitors directly to in a single click with zero code to worry about and no query strings.

Full API

Want to look under the lid? Our API drives the performance of everything from creatives to click-through and real-time reporting, allowing you to integrate our into your systems.

Exceptional Support

There's a reason we're the affiliate business solution of choice. From day one, you'll be supported by our extensive knowledgebase, with multiple means of contact for sales consulting and account help.

  • Unlimited Earnings
  • High Accuracy Hybrid Tracking
  • ADPool™ Campaign Optimization
  • Multiple Brands, One Check
  • Compelling Creatives
  • Sales Promotions
  • Custom Coupons
  • Lighting-Fast Creatives
  • Tailored Ads
  • DirectLink
  • Full API
  • Exceptional Support